Uncultured food and entertainment reviews | Brisvegas

Brisbane is like that guy you know who used to swill VB and say ‘faaarghen’ a lot, but now cooks decent risotto and wants to know if you’ll be at the Powerhouse next weekend. Really, it’s becoming quite an interesting place. However, most of us still don’t have useful qualifications in the Arts to make sense of all the wonder that blossoms from this newly-gentrified boganopolis. This is where Philistine will enrich your life – these reviews offer an uncomplicated taste of the various exciting art and food things going on this fine city.

PHILISTINE also endorses toothbrush use

We have a firm ban on the gratuitous use of French, and we promise to never say ‘Postmodernism’ or review things with truffles in them. Like most urban yuppies in these times of utilitarian career-focused study, we haven’t read any good books about art or food, nor know much of the fancy language that is too often used to discuss it. If you find heels torturous, sometimes get fried eggs wrong, or occasionally order a pint of XXXX Bitter in a moment of poor judgement, this blog is for you.

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