Stumbling into deliciousness

Vine – New Farm


New Farm yields constant surprises – even after having lived here for some time, I still wander into experiences that feel like they’d be unlikely in other parts of Brisvegas. Stumbling on Vine was one of these; you’d never expect to find such a decent breakfast spot tucked away somewhere so quiet.

Vine nestles on a small commercial island in a sea of suburbia, down a quiet end of Merthyr road. In spite of the particularly high concentration of sportscars and handbag-sized dogs, this is a surprisingly affordable location. Quiet too, except for the bizarre moment where a passing Ferrari gunned its engine in a roar of executive angst, leaving dogs yapping and little fingers wagging. Definitely my first Ferrari-bogan experience, in a day that turned out to be rife with firsts.

The next first was the start of our meal. My standard experience with breakfasts in Brisbane is consistently friendly service, good coffee and then wildly varying qualities of food. Not so this time; our waitress treated us with a distant frostiness that was almost refreshing, while the coffee was a distinctly unpleasant novelty. Perhaps their Barista had gone home for the day, because my latte showed all the hallmarks of being made by a dented campus vending machine: overheated milk, bitter coffee and almost zero froth (or texture at all really). Not the best start but in such a chilled setting it didn’t ruin anyone’s day.

Fortunately, the breakfast itself more than made up for the rather dire liquid experience that Vine offers. In a third round of novelty, our food arrived entirely devoid of greenery. This place is the haute-cuisine equivalent of getting your Subway sub with just sauce, cheese and meat- but in a good way. The Mistress opted for a carnivorous delight involving two kinds of delicious meat, somewhat resembling the fry-up that they do at the Little Larder, but with much tastier sausage and excellent bacon. Unlike the roadhouse horrors I experienced at Jam Jar, these dudes had some properly spicy, flavourful chorizo that had me rudely snagging a second taste off my partner’s plate.

However, my real highlight was the ‘mushroom bruschetta’ – sometimes simplicity really does win out. This has to be the most sublime fungus-based dish I’ve had in recent memory. I think the trick was bloody good ingredients; high-quality feta, perfect mushrooms and fresh crunchy bread. That was all it took.

Perhaps it was the exceptionally rich breakfast, perhaps it was the spring sunshine, but eating here put me in a contented daze that lasted well into the afternoon. Grab your labraspoodle, hop in your Porsche and get yourself down here – there were quite a few other menu items that showed great promise. Just remember to stick to OJ when the drinks order comes round.

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PS – If you’re coming sans car, there are a couple of extra perks nearby:

Long wall of murals round the corner from Vine

Huge old trees down Abbott Street



2 responses

  1. Dan

    I laughed really hard at your description of the coffee: “my latte showed all the hallmarks of being made by a dented campus vending machine”. That was really clever and funny. Nice article, but I should not have read this before breakfast (again).

    September 19, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    • Haha thanks – I’m not sure if I should feel troubled or amused that most of my fans prefer the snarky bits of my reviews XD

      September 19, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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