Liberty has a new breakfast of choice

The Little Larder- New Farm [Food]


There’s a lot to be said from eating your food in heaps. Seriously, just pile that goodness right up: it’s not just about enabling all kinds of delicious interactions between your meal components. It also is a great statement about freedom. Yes, FREEDOM.

After all, who eats their food separate all the time? Prison inmates, that’s who.

New Farm coffee/breakfast joint The Little Larder clearly loves freedom. I bet they all cried with joy when Osama got taken down, and have eagle-themed home decor. Check out this beautiful pile of food:

This is called ‘The fry-up’ and they were pretty pleased when we ordered two. I think it must be the easiest thing to cook on their menu; just get a wok and throw together some bacon, sausage, mushrooms, cherry tomato and onion and stir-fry it all. The result is a satisfyingly balanced breakfast, especially after they’ve mixed through some baby spinach and piled the lot on some good toast. Taste the Freedom. Also, this meal may inspire you to try it at home – yesterday I did a home version with chorizo instead of bacon, and added a bit of basil and shaved Parmesan after cooking. With a bit of reverse engineering, you too can have your own ‘freedom heap’.

Surprisingly, the basil didn't work too well. But the chorizo was glorious.

The Larder also serves decent DiBella coffee but their liquid highlight is definitely the juice range. On the day of my visit I was still battling with the delusion that I could kick my caffeine addiction, so it was pure luck that I tried the juice. I strongly recommend that even coffee fans give these a try – they have that rare slightly frothy feel that you only get when the stuff has come straight out of a big juicer.

The ambiance at the larder is great, being off the main drag a bit and less violated by the usual traffic noise that afflicts many Brisbane eateries. I visited on a cool, quiet Monday morning and even then it was half-full, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this place fills up fast on weekends – it’s not a large operation. That’s part of the charm though, so next time you have an early start or feel like treating yourself on a weekday, do give this place a go. And remember:

"I eat all my food in heaps"

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One response

  1. Dan

    Freedom heap. Sounds delicious 😀

    July 3, 2011 at 5:33 pm

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